May 21, 22

The Classooka Guide

How to find in-person learning

We find it challenging to find relevant classes in our community as people who enjoy learning new skills. Alternatively, we find it aggravating to have to sift through numerous websites in order to find course options, schedules, or information about the classes or teachers.

We wanted to improve things and make it easier for individuals to find classes on practically any subject! We believe that connecting with teachers willing to share their knowledge may be simple for anyone eager to learn new skills. We wish to link those who want to learn and grow with studios, fitness clubs, schools, dance facilities, and even new instructors.

Students are more eager than ever to return to classroom study. But how do they go about enrolling in classes and programs? Most likely, they’ll be left to scour the internet for hours trying to discover the proper class for them. In most cases, it’s a frustrating procedure that leads to individuals becoming frustrated and giving up.

You have value to provide to your students as an educator. They’re looking for people with your knowledge, experience, and expertise. All we have to do now is link you two!

This is where we can help! Classooka is an all-in-one customized technology solution that connects the ideal student with the ideal educator.

What is the mechanism behind this? It’s that easy! Independent instructors, major creative studios, community centers, training facilities, and gyms share their abilities with the community to promote and advertise their programs in a simple and easy-to-use style, and they can earn money.

It’s quite simple to get started! By clicking the "List Your Class" button above, you may offer your skills on Classooka right now and meet your next student!